Published annually in Russian, English and French, Unique magazine is focused on informing potential tourists and visitors to the island about St. Barth – a secluded, laid-back playground for those that seek the very best. The magazine has a targeted, carefully selected distribution network in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, and a number of other key cities), allowing it to be tailored to those potential visitors to the island who will appreciate the island's genuinely exclusive refinements.

St. Barth is an island that has much to offer to the prosperous travelers that our tailored distribution system reaches. This is one of the most elite, fashionable resorts in the world, often described as “the St. Tropez of the Caribbean.” Its exclusiveness has made it extremely popular with those who are in search of seclusion and are able to afford the highest levels of service.

Here, that means cozy bays with sumptuous yachts, snow-white sandy beaches, knock-out villas created and decorated by top international designers, and luxury first-class hotels with top-notch, understated service. As St. Barth has never had any plantations, the island differs somewhat in style and atmosphere from the other rum'n'reggae island destinations in the Caribbean. Instead, St. Barth draws on its traditions as a small French colony – the European cuisine here, French in particular, is of an exceptionally high standard, and the laid-back atmosphere is fittingly chic. There is an almost total absence of crime, meaning that the world's richest can relax in complete comfort, feeling entirely secure.

Unique is written and edited by people who truly know the island, allowing the magazine to provide an insight into what really makes St. Barth stand out. Stunning photography of the panoramic beach and sea views; features on the island's fashions, whether it be in clothing or architectural design; diving, surfing, sailing and other forms of rest and relaxation to be relished on St. Barth.

The people who visit St. Barth are familiar with the world's finest resorts, and they appreciate the very best – that's what keeps them coming back, year after year.

Similarly, the readership that Unique Magazine reaches is made up of prosperous travel lovers, predominantly married couples, who travel at least four times a year and own properties in strategic high-class locations around the world.

Over the years of its existence, Unique Magazine has established one more excellent tradition – its annual Unique St. Barth parties in Moscow to mark the publication of each new issue. They feature a friendly supper with lovers of the island, advertisers and owners of large and medium-sized Russian and international businesses.

Unique Magazine – where an elite selection of potential visitors gets to meet one of the world's most elite destinations.