A Perfect Playground A secluded tropical island that boasts the natural beauty and climate of the Caribbean, it is Saint-Barthelemy’s very inaccessibility and unique history that has made it a refuge for the ultra-wealthy, whether it be as the perfect winter sun destination for a vacation, or as the ideal location for an off-shore home. It may now be a must-have residency for the rich and famous, a pleasure playground of perfect beaches, luxury hotels and villas, fine dining and top flight shopping, but Saint Barthelemy, or St. Barth in English, has not always been so welcoming to new arrivals.
Where to Stay When it comes to accommodation on St. Barth, and the architecture in general, the island has been well served by construction restrictions. Limits on the height of buildings mean that there are no mass-tourist, garish high-rise blocks of hotels. Exclusivity here is everything – this is a land of discreet, hyper-chic boutique bungalows and unimposing, tastefully designed hotels that blend in with the natural landscape. Even the largest hotel on the island has well under a hundred suites. Nevertheless, since our last edition of Unique – St. Barth there have been subtle new additions to the hotel and villas market on the island, and you can find information on those new developments in the listings that follow. At the island’s hotels, you will find yourself in the midst of a beautiful environment, albeit in accommodation that presents the last word in comfort and style.
Around St. Barth St. Barth isn’t the largest of islands, but don’t be fooled – there’s an incredible amount to do and see here, and you can spends days exploring everything that it has to offer. On top of that, if you engage in some of the pastimes that are traditional on the island, such as kiting or diving, there’s more than enough to keep you occupied, and you’ll have no end of fun.
Island Originals For a tiny island with a population of just 8,500, St. Barth has much to offer in the way of local fashions – perhaps it should come as no surprise that only local fashion designers should truly capture the spirit and essence of such a unique island.
Day and Night in St.Barth For those looking for a relaxing shopping experience, St. Barth has much to offer. To cater for the discerning clientele that frequents this exclusive island, a range of luxury brands operate stores on St. Barth, offering their latest collections and goods of the highest quality.
Interview Sabine Masseglia Few people believed in the birth of Unique St Barth magazine, and back then I needed all the support that I could get. One woman believed in our project from the very beginning, Sabine Masseglia the managing director of one of the best hotels of St Barth, Guanahani Hotel. Sabine is a remarkable woman and a true friend, for many years now she's been actively taking part to the promotion of St Barth abroad. And with this interview I have the greatest honor to introduce you to my dear friend Sabine ...
Interview Ksenia Sobchak Ksenia who??? That was my first question when Yana asked me to interview Ksenia Sobchak. Ksenia is variously described as Russia’s It-Girl or Russia’s Paris Hilton – in fact, she demonstrates a phenomenal capacity for work, whether it be as a radio DJ, television host, author, model or actress. Even foreigners who only rarely visit Russia will have seen Ksenia looking back at them from the pages of glossy magazines, from billboards, or seen her presenting a host of talk shows and reality TV programs, such as Russia’s Top Model, to name just one. In fact, after doing my homework in preparation for the interview I was amazed by the diversity of Ksenia’s skills and career achievements – beauty and talent were the two words that easily came to mind.
Diver’s Paradise St. Barth has long been renowned among the international diving community thanks to its combination of safe waters (the only sharks here are perfectly harmless nursing sharks), crystal clear waters that remain calm all year round, the incredible natural variety on display in its coral reefs (54 different corals and 60 sponges of various colors and shapes), and the 183 different species of fish to be found here.
The Island Where the Stars Come Out Numerous factors have led to the island becoming the social playground for the great and the good. For New Yorkers and those living on the east coast of the U.S. in general, it is “St. Tropez without the jetlag,” thanks to its ability to draw a certain elite crowd. There is a strong seasonal element to this attraction – as Vanity Fair magazine recently wrote, around Christmas “it’s like the whole island is Studio 54 at its peak,” referencing the 1970s New York nightspot that managed to attract the city’s crème de la crème night after night.
Restaurants Le Repaire; Nikki Beach; Restaurant 88; Le Case de l’Isle; Indigo; Le Gaiac; Le Ti St Barth.