Must-do on the island Swim in unique pools.
Take a surfing lesson with David Blanchard.
Take a walk to Colombier beach.
Embark on a gastronomic tour.
Drop by at a party.
Go to the fish market in Gustavia.
Take the best panoramic photos.
Visit the spa at Hotel Christopher.
Reserve a table at L’Isola.
Take a trip to the neighboring island of Anguilla.
Hotel Christopher Hоtel Christopher, Pointe Milou, Saint-Barthelemy – 97133
Tel: +590 590 276 363
Hotel Le Sereno BP 19, Grand-Cul-de-Sac, 97133 Saint Barthélemy
From USA: 1 888 Le Sereno / International: + (590) 590 298 300
Hotel Guanahani and SPA Grand Cul de Sac 97 133, St-Barthelemy, Antilles Francaises
Tel.: (590) 059 052 90 00 Fax.: (590) 590 27 70 70 ou 29 74 38
Hotel Saint Barth Isle de France Baie Des Flamands, Bp 612, 97098 Saint Barthelemy
Tel (59) 0590 27 61 81 / (59) 0590 27 86 83
Restaurant Le Gaiac at Le Toiny Hotel Hоtel Le Toiny Relais & Chateaux, Saint-Barthelemy – 97133
Tel: +590 590 27 88 88 Fax: + 590 590 27 89 30
Interview Keti Topuria I often have the chance to see Beyonce and Jay-Z around our beautiful island, they look so beautiful together, you gotta see them to understand what I mean, they’re just like two innocent and pure children full of joy and complicity between each other.
Casual Time-out Presented boutiques:
Boutique Hotel Le Toiny / Marie France Van Damme / Boutique Human Steps / Boutique Ilena / Boutique NG creation St. Barth Jewelry / Boutique of Le Ti St. Barth / Pop Saint Barth Gustavia / Sea Memory / Vanita Rosa
Bureau Architectonik Bureau Architectonik offers a unique combination of impeccable style and sophisticated engineering solutions, from sketches all the way through to construction work and from finishing materials to landscape design.
Polina Askeri in Flower Dream Presented boutiques:
Boutique BIJOUX DE LA MER / Boutique NG création Jewelry / Carat and Time / Cartier / Diamond Genesis / Oro de Sol / Sea Memory / Tourbillon
Interview Djordje Varda He has been featured in worldfamous magazines such as Vogue US , Elle and Madame Figaro; his client list includes Kate Moss and Sh aron Stone; and fashion houses such as Ch anel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, Boucheron and JP Gaultier have all worked with him.
St. Barth Bucket A major yachting event on St. Barth combines all of the island’s charms with state-ofthe- art sailing that’s been given a historic and very classic touch.
Interview Ne-Yo It’s in the air, such a small island packed with love, there’s no insecurity, there’s only good mood, cool people, no label, the color of your skin doesn’t matter here either you’re just cool or you’re not.
Surfing St. Barth The island of St. Barth is both an ideal loc ation for novices and a dream playground for experienced lovers of extreme sports. On St. Barth, it’s the variety that attracts surfers, beginners or other wise - here you will fi nd shallow beaches with quiet winds, as in Saint-Jean, coves surrounded by rugged cliff s, where the Atlantic Oc ean and the Caribbean Sea currents converge, and strong winds and massive waves, as at Toiny.
Interview David Blanchard St Barth is indeed a great spot for adult beginners and very young beginners, the water is always warm, the few surfing spots are quite safe, the reef bottom waves are easier for beginners than sand bottom waves.
Restaurants Restaurants:
Le Repaire, Indigo, Le Gaiag, Le Case De L'Isle, Le Carre, Nikki Resto, Mango, Le Ti St Barth