WATER WORLD The history of St. Barth, from its earliest days as a colony,
to its present as a luxury resort for lovers of all things, has always been linked to water.
HOTEL GUANAHANI & SPA Grand Cul de Sac 97 133, St-Barthelemy, Antilles Francaises
Tel: +590 590 52 90 00 Fax: +590 590 27 70 70 ou 29 74 38
RESTAURANT LE GAIAC Hоtel Le Toiny Relais & Chateaux, Saint-Barthelemy – 97133
Tel: +590 590 27 88 88 Fax: + 590 590 27 89 30
LE SERENO BP 19, Grand-Cul-de-Sac, 97133 Saint Barthélemy, French West Indies
From USA: 1 888 Le Sereno / International: +590 590 29 83 00
TAIWANA Baie Des Flamands, 97133 St-Barthelemy
Tel: +590 590 298 008 Fax: +590 590 279 407
VILLA BEL ESPRIT The Bel Esprit, then, is more than just a villa — it’s a secluded island within an island, a paradise for work and for pleasure.
TASTE OF ST.BARTH Photos: Christophe Madamour
Location: Hotel Le Sereno
BUCKET REGATTA The 2014 St. Barth Bucket Regatta has once again demonstrated that the island is a paradise for sailors.
THE HISTORY OF THE MOKE Mini Moke—a classic motoring icon of the 1960s, and a vehicle intrinsically linked with St. Barth— is about to mark its 50th anniversary, and make a return to the island, revamped and renewed.
DRIVE IN Photos: Christophe Madamour
Location: Garage du Stade (OFMEC)
Shopping St Barth
CASUAL TIME-OUT Photos: Christophe Madamour, L. Benoit
Location: Hotel Guanahani and Spa
Beauty Time This season, the leading producers of cosmetics in St. Barth (Sublim Isle, ILUXE and many more) are presenting new treatments for the face, body and hair.
Tropical Jewelry Photos: Christophe Madamour
Location: Hotel Guanahani and Spa
The Publisher What was I thinking? Why didn’t I think of this idea before?
An interview with Ruslan Chernobaev, my very good friend for the past 6 years and the publisher of our magazine Unique St. Barth.
UNDER THE WATER St. Barth is a wonderland for water sports enthusiasts.
The beaches of St. Jean and Lorient off er some of the calmest waters for beginner surfers. Intermediate and advanced surfers, as well as body surfers, may prefer the waves of Anse des Cayes, Saline, Flamands, and Toiny.
photos: L. Benoit
Restaurants Restaurants:
Nikki Resto, Indigo, Bonito, Le Sereno, Le Gaiag, Le Carre, L'Isola, Le Ti St Barth