VIEW FROM THE TOPRenowned photographer Gray Malin has mastered the art of creating images that combine adventure and wanderlust, allowing the viewer to escape into a different world. This year, he paid a visit to our magical little island and we are thrilled to feature his shots from above.
Photo: Gray Malin
A PERFECT DAY You wake early for a hike up into the hills to greet the sunrise. One of the island’s finest footpaths is just a stone’s throw away from Le Guanahani, leading off the hotel’s beach...

After this bracing walk, breakfast at the hotel’s poolside restaurant, Indigo, is the perfect way to restore your vitality…

Then you pick up a bottle of mineral water at The Beach Bar and board a boat moored nearby in the lagoon. It will ferry you to an unforgettable encounter with stingrays, sea turtles and other colorful marine inhabitants. Snorkel gear and the services of an experienced guide are provided...

Having worked up an appetite, you head back to Indigo on the Beach where you dine with the soothing feeling of fine sand between your toes. The freshly caught seafood is highly recommended…

In the afternoon, you rent a car to explore the island. After a stroll around Gustavia, where you peruse St. Barth’s charming shops and boutiques, you find yourself on Shell Beach at sunset...

Wouldn’t a gourmet picnic on the beach be a wonderfully romantic end to your day? A quick call to the hotel’s Clefs d’Or concierge is all it takes to arrange for a chef-prepared feast worthy of the inspired surroundings… As waves lap the shore, you think that tomorrow you might try the hotel’s Extreme Sports Package – an invigorating combination of fly-boarding, kitesurfing, jet-skiing and stand-up paddle-boarding, plus a deep-tissue massage at the hotel’s delightful spa My Blend by Clarins...

You’re already looking forward to another perfect day at Le Guanahani.
Photo: Noe Dewitt, Eric Laignel

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VILLA PANAMAIt’s location that is Villa Panama’s true trump card. Nestled close to Nikki Beach, a stone’s throw from St. Jean, it looks out to Eden Rock and the marvel of tiny propeller planes landing at the island’s airport.

A multi-level, three-bedroom design — along with an independent studio that might be ideal for friends — makes the most of the sea views (you can get them from almost anywhere in the property), and a lot of thought has been put into ensuring that you have every comfort and every practical amenity necessity during your stay. Take the billiard table, which smoothly converts into a dining table for six, or the comprehensively equipped kitchen which would be the envy even of professional chefs, and works well when the catering is for large dinners or parties. Outside, the terraces are also laid out on several levels, allowing guests to get some peace and quiet and their own personal view, notably from the gym on the pool level — work out while taking in that breathtaking Atlantic panorama.

In the meantime Unique St. Barth sends out a big thanks to the villa’s owners for hosting one of the photo shoots for Unique St. Barth’s seventh edition

Photo: Laurent Benoit

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WAKE UPThree sunrises, three villas, three views, from three bedrooms
Photo: Romeo Balancourt

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ISLAND HOPPINGIf you’re talking about 650 meters as the length of the pool at your private villa, that’s great... But what if it’s the length of the runway you’re about to land on? Welcome to St. Barth, by plane…
If you want to really send a shiver down your spine, drive up to the notch in the hill that overlooks the island’s Remy de Haenen Airport. Park your car, and get your camera ready.

Down below on the eastern side, you’ll see the short runway, crammed into a narrow strip of land between the foot of the hill and the sea. In the sky to the west, every 20 or 30 minutes, you will see a tiny dot appear – it’s a plane, which already appears to be not much higher above ground level than where you’re standing. The plane will approach, flying in low, right over your head, before swooping dramatically down to the runway below.

“There’s no doubt about it, it looks cool,” says Eric Zipkin, president of Tradewind Aviation, an airline that regularly flies to St. Barth. “But cool and unsafe are not the same — in fact, they’re mutually exclusive. The landing in St. Barth is actually as safe as any other landing in the Caribbean, or the world for that matter, thanks to a versatile aircraft that’s perfect for the job.”

Photo: Christian Oth

Tradewind Aviation
A TWIST IN THE MIXNight is closing in on Gustavia Harbor, you are at Bonito, Jerome has mixed you a Blue Blazer, or perhaps a Bubbling Bonito.

Whether you’re ensconced in the laid-back lounge, which might have you thinking you’re in the living room of some great friends at their beach house, or out on the terrace dining room with its hill-top views overlooking Gustavia’s harbor, you’ll find Bonito both effortlessly chic and refreshingly free of formality.

You linger over a game of chess, or just soak in the view and the vibes.

The evening is just beginning...

Photo: Christian Oth

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CRUISING AROUND THE ISLANDSIt’s no accident that St. Barth is a popular port of call for fleets of the world’s finest yachts and super yachts – exceptional climactic conditions and a warm reception onshore prove a powerful magnet for those plotting their courses for a Caribbean cruise. The island, however, is also an excellent base for those wishing to head to other islands, near and far. We hope that the information provided here will tempt you into making a Unique voyage to St. Barth and to some of its neighbors.

Photo: Quin Bisset

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KEEP ON MOVINGMany have already experienced the power of our island’s outstanding healing energies, and they have learned that the way to connect with them is by actively exploring and engaging with St. Barth. Surfing, diving, beach tennis, yoga, hiking, fitness workouts - you can find it all on St. Barth, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Here’s our brief Unique guide to the finest the island has to offer...
Photo: David Benoliel, Stephan Poujol

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Yoga with Nanda –
Diane Bourel-Toral –
Aminata at the Wellness Club St. Barth or at Eden Rock Wellness
Ashley Aiken-Redon -
GRAY MALIN INTERVIEWThrough the years, St. Barth has had no shortage of top photographers traveling to the island to take iconic shots. Whether following personal inspiration or working on prized commissions, they have each captured new facets of the island’s individual beauty and personality.
Gray Malin is one such photographer. He is a highly respected artist who has now become a full-on brand, and his images can be found on everything from swimwear and umbrellas to surfboards and wallpaper. Using his signature airborne approach, Malin was able to create a series of stunning images from the sky in just a few days—bringing the island’s spirit to life.

IN SEARCH OFA romantic holiday in St. Barth may not be the most original of ideas, but there’s no denying that it’s a great one. The island has everything for those in love with themselves, with one another and with life.

Photo: Christian Oth
SAIL TO WINHaving changed up a gear in 2016 with courses that bring the yachts ever closer to the shore, and with the event set to celebrate a historic 30th event in 2017, the St. Barth’s Bucket regatta is going from strength to strength.
THE OCEAN BREEZEPhoto: David Benoliel

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SHORE THINGSNatural silk is the favorite material of Marjorie Lions, designer with the Pop Saint Barth brand. Marjory not only comes up with the designs – she also sews them by hand. Her light and airy dresses, skirts, shorts and wraps share the same rhythm as the light breeze you’ll find on St. Barth’s seashore, safely keeping the blazing sun off you.
Photo: David Benoliel

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Photo: David Benoliel

FINE LINESPhoto: David Benoliel

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