TALKING TO THE WHALESYana, the editor of Unique St. Barth, goes on an awe-inspiring kite-surfing voyage involving a close encounter with whales…

It was something that I never believed I would be privileged enough to experience. I have only been kite-surfing for 3 years, and this was my first time out in the open sea. I could never have imagined that my progress would be so fast, and that it would bring me such an incredible, unexpected result..

Living on St. Barth, I was aware that every year, from January to the end of May, whales pass through the waters around the island. It’s part of an exhausting migration that will take them across a distance of over 5,000 kilometers.
Photos by Yannis Delvas, St Barth Flycam
LE BARTHÉLEMY There is a new hotel on the island, and it’s already making waves – opened in 2016, Le Barthélemy has put a fr esh gloss on St. Barth’s classic Caribbean style and is set to reopen its doors Oct ober 28, 2018 with even more enhancements.

It’s easy to see why Le Barthélemy is already proving such a hit. Boasting 44 me ticulously designed rooms with breathtaking sea views, one of the finest infinity pools on the island and a spa in partnership with the prestigious La Mer skincare, the hotel is an oasis of laidback luxury.

To add to the full-service boutique resort, two stunning new villas opened this summer, Villa Aqua and Villa Bleu, with a design that captures the spirit of St. Barth. Adjacent to the hotel, each comes with six bedrooms, an expansive open-air living room, fully-equipped kitchen, wine cupboard included, and a 55-foot oceanfront swimming pool.

Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa combines the luxury, comfort and convenience of a first-class hotel, with the privacy, seclusion and security of your home. Wake up in the morning, draw back the curtains, step out of your room and go windsurfing, kitesurfing or paddle boarding, search for turtles or rays in the lagoon, or simply relish the turquoise tones of the view – all of this is possible at this bespoke oceanfront property.

Serving up innovative island-inspired French cuisine, head to Aux Amis for the French fine dining that has made St. Barth famous. With the introduction of a new dining concept, Aux Amis Plage, you can enjoy lunch while you keep your toes in the sand. During the weekends, spend your night under the stars at Le Barthélemy’s new late night rooftop bar featuring DJs or live music.

Submerge into a state of relaxation at Le Spa, the hotel’s haven of holistic healing in partnership with La Mer; which has also been revamped for the new season, with the addition of hot and cold baths, a sauna, a hammam and a tea salon.

A peaceful and private escape, Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa brings something unique to St. Barth, perfectly set on the crescent-shaped white sand beach in Grand Cul de Sac.
Photos by Laurent Benoit, Olivier Leroi, Pierre Carreau

Office : +590 590 77 51 28 | Toll free : ( 844 ) 553-2278
Baie de Grand Cul de Sac | 97133 Saint-Barthélemy | French West Indies
HOTEL LE MANAPANYFragrant flowers, coral shoals, holistic therapies, fabrics made with bamboo fibers – Le Manapany, a new hotel in St. Barth’s, is getting back to the island's roots.


Located in Anse des Cayes bay, just a short hop away from Saint-Jean and Gustavia, the new hotel creates an environment that is on a par with the glory of its setting. It’s no accident that the bay is such a hit with watersports lovers, boasting some of the best surfing on the island, and the lush greenery of the hotel’s gardens perfectly complement its mission to provide restorative and relaxing care to its guests.

The 43 private villas and suites are all the work of the new owners, the French boutique hotel collection B Signature Hotels and Resorts – tropical woods, soothing earthy reds and yellows, handmade furnishings … two exquisite pools, one reserved for adults only, one that’s more lively with food and drinks delivered to your chaise longues, both with glorious sea views…

That healing, healthy vibe is matched by the resort’s spa, which offers holistic therapies based on natural treatments and herbs and cutting edge modern technologies and techniques. You can opt for a more hands-on, active approach in Le Manapany’s 969-square foot, fully-equipped fitness center, which also offers Pilates and yoga classes (make sure you try the spa’s signature bio-aesthetic care collection).

Every detail has been thought through in order to make the most of the local environment, whilst doing the utmost to protect that same environment, from the thatched roofing that employs local, natural materials, to the hotel’s own fleet of electric vehicles that keep noise and pollution to a bare minimum, to the fully autonomous, solar-powered water heating system that makes the most of the reliable Caribbean sunshine.

And there’s the food – our Head Chef Anthony Martel has created a menu that revels in French and Creole concepts whilst whipping up some excellent local seafood. If you’re in the cocktail bar, make sure you try the resort’s signature tipple, the “Back to the Roots” concoction.

In short, Le Manapany is an eco-hotel that perfectly matches its own natural environment on this Caribbean island.

Photos by Bernard Touillon & Max Vander Noot

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DIRECT LINE TO KEY WEST FREE CALLSWhenever you are ready to travel to st. Barth, reach out to us and we will advise you on all the details for your outstanding xperience: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Photos by Laura Payet | Model: Mila Filatova | Location: Hotel Le Manapany
WAKE UPThree sea views
Three villas
from three terraces

Marigot Bay

St. Jean Bay

Lurin, just above Shell Beach

Request availability for your next vacation with St. Barth Properties

Photos by Laurent Benoit
Model: Chloe de Badereau

ALL IN THE MIX Night is falling in Gustavia Harbor, the water glimmers in the last rays of sunlight, and magic hour begins at Bonito…

Before being seated at your table, take a few moments to play chess in the lounge area. It’s the perfect start to your Bonito dining experience, as you linger over a masterpiece from the resident mixologist, Johann Grillitsch.

He created a unique cocktail card especially for the occasion – trust us, you won’t find concoctions like these anywhere else on the island.

The beauty and the best The base here is an Amaro Montenegro Benedictine cherry syrup and a pey-chaud bitter.

It’s served smoked, under a glassy dome… Next up is Le Bartholomeo, a unique creation by Johann Grillitsch, a chef mixologist at Bonito.

…its ingredients sound like a magical incantation - rhum ambre antica formula red port, vanilla falernum, a touch of lemon juice topped with flambéed sugar… And then on to your meal. Remember that Bonito’s cocktails are only matched by the restaurant’s selection of wines, the perfect accompaniment for your dining experience…

Photos by Laura Payet | Model: Mila Filatova | Location: Bonito

Gustavia, St. Barthelemy
+590 590 279 696
THE RIDERSShell Beach | From Gouverneur to Saline by paddle board | The Spot | Le Boeuf
Photos by Harold Mackeene, Yannis Delvas
Photos by Laura Payet
Model Esther Gruner

Photos by Camellia Menard
Styling: Etienne Jeanson
Model: Yana Dubnik
Make up & Hair: Idalmi St. Barth
Location: Le Guanahani Hotel & SPA

MOSCOW ST. BARTH DIRECT AT BURJUA SPA Moscow and St. Barth are nine thousand kilometers and hours of flights apart. But if you suddenly find yourself pining for the warmth and aroma of the Caribbean, you can experience all that without leaving Russia’s capital. Simply visit Burjua SPA.

Burjua SPA is a world class salon. You can spend the whole day here, though it will feel like you’ve been on a voyage to distant lands. True, you will come back from that voyage without a hint of weariness. On the contrary, you’ll be full of energy and life force, and your rested, refreshed appearance will attract envy and delight.

Whichever procedure you prefer, you can be certain that at Burjua SPA you will be in the hands of true professionals who genuinely love their calling and who, more than anything else, value their clients’ trust. Sumptuous spa and cosmetic procedures are carried out with the use of Ligne St. Barth cosmetics, which are produced on St. Barth. The cosmetics are based on natural ingredients – extracts, oils and compounds from plants grown on St. Barth and the surrounding islands. The unique microclimate of the THALATEPEE space, in which the spa rituals are carried out at Burjua SPA, allows the salon’s guests to fully relax and garner the most positive emotions and impressive results, while the space’s stylish interior provides a genuine aesthetic satisfaction.

For those who want, even if only for a short time, to seek refuge from the hustle and bustle of a large city, we recommend the St. Barth Chill-Out procedure – this is that very same journey to foreign lands that we mentioned earlier. An ecological, natural, innovative massage procedure with a soothing effect that removes hypertonia in your muscles, activates your lymph circulation and metabolic process, and enriches tissues with moisture, vitamins and minerals. In just two and a half hours – that’s how long the St. Barth Chill-Out procedure lasts – you can completely reboot, rest and get ready to dive back into the energetic life of a megalopolis.

Being on a Caribbean beach without even leaving Moscow is possible with the aid of the spirit soothing and revitalizing procedure Tenderness St. Barth. After the St. Barth Elasticity procedure, you’ll feel as if you’ve been bathing in the waves of the Caribbean Sea – you’ll be charged up with positive vibes and energy and your figure will take on a tightened up appearance.

The Burjua SPA is a collection of varied cosmetic and spa procedures aimed at restoration, purification, moisturization and general improvement of the health of the skin of your face and body.

Photos by Romeo Balancourt

Moscow Prospect Vernadsky, 94, building 5, Section 4
(495) 780-84-75, (495) 970-96-95, @burjuaspa
TELL ME WHAT YOU SEEPhotos by Laura Payet
Model: Mila Filatova
Location: Le Manapany, Le Cristopher Hotel
Great news from the Big Apple – Space Gallery St. Barth is opening in the autumn of 2018 at Broome and Crosby, a favorite spot of mine in Soho, New York.

Mackeene – True Caribbean Style
This is a true story. At a recent DJing gig I was playing at the Mackeene boutique, one of our readers walked up, wide-eyed in amazement, and asked me: “Yana, how come I didn’t know about this store before?”

Introducing Betula Aspen
With Betula Aspen, St. Barth’s wonderful Bonito is expanding its horizons, and anyone who’s been to this top spot on the island will agree that this is brilliant news.

Unforgettable Sea Memory
At the start of each new season on our island, I visit the Sea Memory boutique. It’s like watching the waves on your favorite beach – they eternally wash over the shoreline, but they are never the same. The same is true of the collection here – carved in precious stones and shells, you can examine these marine masterpieces in awe for hours on end.

Scene Setter – Vilebrequin
Awash with good vibrations, this season brings you nothing but music and sunshine.

Talented St. Barth
Supporting local talent has long been a great tradition on the island, and nowhere is that truer than at the Association of Artists of St. Barth. The real news, however, is that the organization has just put on a classic demonstration of what its artists are truly capable of.

Villa Perla - La Cussogghja
Elite properties at Costa Smeralda directly from the Italian development company

Photos by Venetia Dearden

Model Esther Gruner
Hair, Make Up and Manicure Idalmi St. Barth
Location Villa Aqua at Le Barthelemy hotel & SPA

ISLAND HOPPING TRADEWINDFlying to St. Barth is a unique thrill in its own right. Visitors to the island flock to the hill above the runway to see the planes swooping down, almost within arm’s reach…

The planes dip down over the hill, and then have to break fast enough to safely stop on a strip that is just 650 meters long.

It’s a flight and a landing that should be very near the top of your bucket list of things to do, so you’ll be pleased to hear that you can make the trip in complete safety and comfort with Tradewind Aviation.

“It’s certainly thrilling,” says Eric Zipkin, who runs Tradewind Aviation with his brother David, providing scheduled flights and private charters in the Caribbean, “but the landing in St. Barth is actually as safe as any other landing in the Caribbean, or the world for that matter, thanks to our versatile Pilatus-PC12 aircraft which are perfect for the job.”

Photos Laura Payet, David Zipkin, Gerald Tessier

THE BUCKET — BACK FOR GOODIn the wake of last year’s three devastating back-to-back hurricanes – Irma, José and Maria – holding the 31st Bucket Regatta in 2018 was going to be a challenge – a challenge that the organizers and the island of St. Barth itself met in style.

Founded in 1995, the Bucket Regatta has long been a highlight on the island’s calendar of events, and the organizers and islanders alike recognized that, despite the difficulties caused by the storms of 2017, putting on the event would not only be crucial, it could also play a key role in rebuilding the island.

In fact, it proved such a success that there were an incredible 26 superyacht entrants, just down on previous years, but nevertheless a tremendous achievement in the context of the island’s recovery.

The sailors were rewarded with some fantastic weather and some thrilling racing. Ranging in length from 27 meters to nigh on 78 meters, they included three historic J Class yachts, which sailed in their own fleet, and another five classes, which battled it out in handicapped classes.

Day One saw ideal conditions for a counterclockwise race around the island, whilst Day Two marked the traditional “Not-so-Wiggley” course around the islands to the west of St. Barth – variable conditions produced some thrilling close tactical battles between the boats, with an ability to read the shifts in the winds proving all-important. As Tom Whidden, tactician on last year’s winner, the Royal Huisman-built SPIIP put it, “Today was just a great race, with lots going on and lots of things to navigate around.”

Green was color of the day for Day Three, which also happened to fall on St. Patrick’s Day. It brought the “Wrong Way Round” course, a particular favorite with locals as the yachts can be seen from nearly all of St. Barth’s beaches as they race around the island.

The final, fourth day, saw the competitors giving it one last effort to make it up the rankings and into the prizes. The sloop Nilaya proved the biggest winner in the regatta, winning both in its class (Les Gazelles des Mers) and overall, with the event organizers using a complex formula that takes into account race data, finish times and series points to calculate the winning result.

The winning yacht’s navigator Will Oxley perhaps put it best in summing up the event: “It was great weather, and this is a wonderful place. It’s a credit to the island that they came back from the hurricanes in the way they did. The camaraderie and hospitality have been wonderful.”

As well as providing some excellent racing and on-shore events, the organizers of the 2018 Bucket and its stewards – Perini Navi, Rybovich, Royal Huisman and Vitters – managed to maintain another important tradition. Each year, Bucket gives its support to a local charity on St. Barth, and this year was no exception.

In fact, that support couldn’t have come at a better time as the island recovered from the hurricanes of 2017.

The funds raised for this charitable donation, were donated to paying for the urgent shipping in of high priority materials to the island to be used in the much-needed repairs and renovations. The real winners at the 2018 Bucket, however, were the people of St. Barths, who worked together to make sure that the event could be held with such success. No surprise, then, that preparations are already underway for the 32nd Bucket, which is scheduled for March of 2019.

Photos by Laurent Benoit
BEHIND THE SCENES It is our great pleasure to share this new outlook with our readers, along with a story – about how this island, with its incredible energy, has been reborn.

Even during the long, tough days and nights spent putting the photo shoots together, we were aware of something that professionals have known for a very long time – St. Barth is a fantastic location to get that perfect shot.

We have had the great privilege of working with the photographers Yannis Delvas, Laurent Benoit, Camellia Menard and Laura Payet who live here yearround but always manage to come up with fresh ideas when photographing the island. Thank you Yannis especially for your drone shots of the whales along with our kite session.

Another goal achieved was the chance to invite Romeo Balancourt - a great admirer of St. Barth who is based in Paris - to shoot for our dearest Burjua SPA this past fall 2018 in Moscow.

During the course of making the Unique St. Barth publication over the past 2 years we have had a chance to meet new talents and spread the work between locals in a moment of need.

It’s our goal to find more ways to discover new energy and help it shine.

Due to circumstances created by Hurricane Irma, putting these shoots together was incredibly hard work, but also incredible fun. Believe. We’re now recovering, and looking forward to coming up with something equally unique for next year.